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Yeast-based pastry products

Extreme care and attention in the selection of raw materials, a wide knowledge of sourdough and a never-ending passion: here are the ingredients or our Panettones and our Colombas.

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They derive from raw materials which are carefully selected, and from manufacturing processes which maintain unchanged their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

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We start from cocoa beans of different origins, from Ghana to Ecuador. All our products are handmade in a laboratory full of ancient chocolate molds coming from all over the world.

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Yeast-based pastry products

flavour and fragrance for each season

Extreme care and attention in the selection of raw materials

From water to dairy butter and flour, which is chosen according to the characteristics of every year. A wide knowledge of sourdough which is passed down and enriched from generation to generation, and a never-ending passion: these are the ingredients that give to the Panettone Mauro Morandin those features of tradition, simplicity, elegance and consistence which everybody confers it.

And then our fruits, oranges and citrons from Calabria: after being candied in our laboratoty in Saint-Vincent using nothing more than water and sugar, they give off their fresh and intense scent, united with the persuasive one of vanilla.

We love panettone, and we produce different variations of it, from the most known to the most original ones. It is the perfect cake-like bread to be eaten in all big and little moments throughout the year in which there is something to celebrate.

Among the new entries there are: the panettone stuffed with marrons glacés, the panettone with chocolate and raspberries and the Matterhorn, which is produced in collaboration with Sweet Side of Cervinia.

Moreover our collection has seen a new entry in the salty pastry: the Beer Panettone (produced using the “Speciale” beer of Lurisia), which joins the truffle panettone, made in collaboration with Tartuflanghe, and the taggiasche olives panettone, made in collaboration with Galateo & Friends.

The quality Morandin sweetens your Easter: Colombe are created with our unique passion and care, slectioned ingredients and un unforgettable taste.


Special Panettoni

Sweet-tooth Panettoni


Selectioned ingredients

Artisanal candied fruits


when style meets love for tradition

We make all sorts of confections

From beignets to filled cups, from macarons to éclairs; and we propose different flavours for every creation

Our cakes are reinterpretations of great Italian and international classics: the Montblanc cake, the meringue cake, the Sachertorte and the Strudel stand out for their rustic aesthetic and their unique taste.

And then there are our dry pastries, which match perfectly with the afternoon tea, and all our range of yeast-based products, which are perfect for a light and sound awakening.

Petits fours


Puff pastries

Dry pastries

Almond paste



we love seeing chocolate arise

we love seeing chocolate arise

For this reason we start from cocoa beans of different origins, from Ghana to Ecuador. We adapt every taste to the product enhancing it the most: pralines, which are simple or fortified, cremini, which we have creatively reinterpreted, gianduiotti and sugared almonds. And then our truffles. Or the classic chocolate bars. Furthermore, in the spreadable version, our hazelnut and pistachio creams

All our products are handmade in a laboratory full of ancient chocolate molds coming from all over the world. They remind us of the importance to make things authentically, as it was used to do in the past. The result is excellent and unique.




Spreadable creams


Sugared almonds

Sugar confectionery

Old-fashioned candies

Old-fashioned candies

Old-fashioned candies , sweets jelly melting in the mouth, as well as fondants; colored and aromatized sweets, which will give a special touch to your afternoon tea.

Our sugar confectionery both enhances the tradition of artisanal manufacture and embraces the future through original products such as the “Bibigelées”, that are sweets jellies spiked with Lurisia soft drinks.


Jelly sweets


Sweet candied carminative seeds