"A passion for the best ingredients"

Water, sugar and flour

Mauro Morandin has grown up among the perfumes of the pastry shop founded by his father Rolando and the taste of excellence. Since he was a young boy he has cultivated his passion for the best ingredients.

He has decided to work following the tradition and the ancient wisdom: he has chosen machineries of the past, and has learnt how to restructure them piece by piece. For each product developed he has identified recipes and artisanal production methods.


The winning quality of Morandin products

"Gambero Rosso" award 2011 and 2017

Panettone Morandin has conquered the jury for two years, and it has been awarded with the prize “Gambero Rosso” as the best Panettone.

Una Mole di Panettoni" award 2014

In 2014, Panettone Morandin won the “best traditional Panettone” prize at the event “Una Mole di Panettoni”.


2008 - Chef of the winning team of the prize "Award del Pasticcere"

1990/1996 - Professor at “Istituto dell’Arte Bianca” (“Pastry Arts Institute”) of Turin

1994/2001 - Professor at Fondazione Alberghiera of Chatillon (Aosta) and professional trainer for Fugar and Etoile

1987 - Silver medal in the second edition of “Coppa Internazionale Torino”

1986 - Silver medal in the “MIAD” contest in Turin

1985 - Silver medal in the first edition of “Coppa Internazionale Torino”

1984 - Certificat perfectionnement au sucre de l'Ecole Nationale Supèrieure de Yssingeaux (France)

1983 - Gold medal in the contest “SIGEP Giovani”

1982 - Gold medal in the “MIAD” contest in Turin. Cup for Patisserie and Sugar confectionery

1980 - Diploma at “Istituto dell’Arte Bianca” (“Pastry Arts Institute”) of Turin. Student of the Pasty chefs Bellissima and Scalenghe

1980 - Trainer of professional pastry classes in Saint-Vincent


Our sweets are born in Saint-Vincent

Our sweets are born between the white and the green of Valle d’Aosta

Our Torcetti, Tegole, Genepy pralines and our Panciucco with Malvasia passita La Crotta du Vigneron… they all tell about the identity of our region.

We start from the great classics of fresh confectionery, like beignets and cannoli, and we recreate them in an original way. We enhance Italian excellences, like oranges from Calabria, which are candied. We take inspiration from French iconic pastry products, like macarons and eclairs. We prepare them every day with care and attention, like it was used to do in the past.

Neither preservatives nor additives are present. Only genuine ingredients, for the benefit of body and soul.

Training and product tasting

courses and product tasting signed Mauro Morandin

Share confectionery art and carry on traditions

The fascination with artisanal production and with the ancient art of making sweets represents the big patrimony of Mauro Morandin. He conducts courses throughout Italy either for professionals in the field or for those who are simply passionate about confectionery; there he shares his secrets and suggestions.

Every year dozens of future professionals in the field take part in Morandin’s workshops, which are organised at Cast Alimenti cooking school (Brescia), Alma coking school (Parma), at several universities of gastronomic sciences and in the most prestigious culinary institutes. Participants have therefore the opportunity to get trained by one of the best Italian Master Confectioners.

Moreover, for the youngest ones, there are courses focused on the preparation of biscuits and sweets: simple creations with a pleasant effect. For moments of share and entertainment.

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